Welcome to your future home

The first interplanetary city

Situated in the Montes Taurus mountain range with the gorgeous Mares Sentatis plains stretching out to the west, The City at Newcomb Crater is an unprecedented community at the leading edge of our times. The City is truly a society of the future, providing every convenience that will allow you and your family to build a home and a future in a vibrant cultural ecosystem, while being instrumental in laying the building blocks of this pioneering civilization. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity, you can be one of the few to shape the adaptation of humankind to the multiplanetary lifestyle while enjoying quick commutes, a beautiful landscape, and so much more.

Your Lifestyle, Your Future

be a part of humankind's next steps — in ultimate comfort

pioneers in the recreational center

pioneers come together in beautiful public spaces

pioneer in their sleeping pod

and relax in private ones customized to their desires

Your Dream Community

optimized by the universe's most innovative technologies

one of the City's nitelife options

Nite Life

Clubs, restaurants, and more

Just a few more ways for you to become closer with your fellow pioneers, enabling you to build humankind's future even more seemlessly.

a customized personal module

Home Amenities

All appliances included, and then some

Don't see what you want? We'll invent it.

another beautiful public area

Community Lifestyle

Group spaces provide collaborative fun

Our BetterThan™ nature products are custom engineered for optimal stimulation:bliss ratio.

pioneers relax and learn together at home

Relaxing Individualism

Design Your Paradise

Your custom module will be suited to your every need, by our top-of-the-line designers and architects.

The Greatest Lifestyle Undertaking of Humankind

begin your future with us