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sleep areaYour living module is designed to your every need and specification - while our Pioneers are instrumental in shaping all aspects of the City at Newcomb Crater, from structure to community, this is where your individual desires and needs are truly paramount. By working with our top-tier designers and architects, you'll be able to optimize your personal space — but if you need a little help figuring out just what it is you want, they'll have plenty of ideas. State-of-the-art amenities and unprecedented lifestyle products included.

bathroom areaLiving Module Sleep Areas come with ambient light and sound synthesizers that measure your REM cycles and breathing rhythms, and adapt to create the best possible conditions to give you the rest that'll make you your healthiest self. Should you wish to tailor your settings outside of this optimal programming, the system is fully customizable as well. Our smartflo™ air system brings similar comfort and convenience to temperature, filtration, humidity, and breeze flow. Sleep pods come for individual or multi-partner sleep scenarios.

living areaContact us to get started with the reservation and customization forms for your module — if you need some inspiration before we put you in touch with our designers, take a look at some featured recent buildouts below!

Featured Pioneer Modules

sleep area A recently enlisted pioneer whose custom module is pictured at left worked with us to figure out the best configuration of innovative-technology wall products for his home-studio environment, as well as designing some specially-suited storage solutions.

bathroom areaThe aforementioned pioneer's neighbor, whose module is pictured at right, chose a number of custom furniture solutions and high-end surfaces and materials to best suit his aesthetic desires; designers helped bring his vision to a cohesive and visually compelling reality in which he loves to picture a long future. For a more generalized understanding, please experience our Example Living Module Virtual Tour