Community Spaces

Amenities for you & your fellow pioneers

Recreational Facility

recreational facility The recreational facility provides a common meeting area that fulfills a wide variety of needs and provides a number of useful services to the citizens. Ample free space enables citizens to stay healthy & happy in the City, whether with a brisk morning jog or a leisurely stroll through the culturally rich sculpture garden. A separate Children's Playground with complementary weekday childcare will keep our littler citizens endlessly entertained, and a dog run is available for any furry friends who may come along.

pergola areaDesigned with you in mind, this space fosters community engagement while providing a restful, natural environment boasting life-like grass and a deep blue sky with fluffy, never-repeating clouds. Many of our most enriching activities and happenings take place in the recreational facility, but there's always a calm space for your family's picnic blanket if you're in a quieter mood. Please Experience Our Recreational Facility Virtual Tour


nitelife The Underground is just one of the exciting night life options available at The City. Boasting specialty cocktails and an elite atmosphere, this is a perfect spot for you to connect with other citizens after a five-star dinner at one of our on-site restaurants or taking in a movie during one of our cultural events. Please Experience Our Niteclub Virtual Tour